We’ve talked before about why you need a gynecologist. Now we’re discussing why a GYN is vital during every stage of life. The number of women seeing gynecologists has dropped through the years. However, a gynecologist can ensure you receive total healthcare as a woman. Gynecology is more than just your Pap smear. Keep reading to learn […]

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Most of us had an anatomy or wellness class at some point in school. Yet, as time passes, you might have forgotten some of those lessons. Have you ever asked yourself questions like: What are female hormones? What is their function? What hormones do I have in my body? If so, this post is for you.  Below, we talk

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Gynecology visits can be nerve-wracking. Whether you’re experiencing a problem or just dread your annual Pap smear, it can make you hesitant to visit your gynecologist(GYN) regularly. You’ve probably asked yourself, “Do I really need a gynecologist?” While it is an understandable question, gynecology and specialized female healthcare are vital to a woman’s overall health and wellness. All women

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